Top 5 Sites for Learning Piano Online

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Top 5 Sites for Learning Piano Online

For some reason, whenever you search for anything free online, you are inundated with sites created solely for collecting email addresses or for selling a product. This is especially true when it comes to sites on the Internet that offer free piano lessons. Unfortunately, almost 90 percent of the websites with “free piano lessons” in the title only offer one or two very basic lessons.

Ultimately, they want you to sign up for paid full-length piano lessons. Thankfully, there really are legitimate websites out there that do offer legitimate, free piano lessons. MakeUseOf has always offered some of the best resources for music lessons, such as Joel’s list of free apps for learning to play guitar. Focusing on piano music, I offer MUO readers the following list of the top 5 free piano lesson websites online.

The Top 5 Websites for Learning Piano Online

Years ago, we signed my youngest daughter up for piano lessons. In order to get her through the summer before lessons started, I dec > The BIG List of the Easiest Music Learning Websites Today The BIG List of the Easiest Music Learning Websites Today You have a love for music but you just don’t know where to begin. This big list of sites is the perfect start to learn music. Read More before on MakeUseOf, so if you’re looking for even more, make sure to check those out. My criteria for classifying a website with piano lessons as useful and “top-ranking” was the following.

  • The quality and skill level of the website author’s music expertise
  • The “intent” of the website – does it only exist to sell you something or to actually teach you about playing the piano?
  • The technology – are there FlashGoogle Chrome Kills Flash, Using HTML5 by DefaultGoogle Chrome Kills Flash, Using HTML5 by Default Google is finally ditching Adobe Flash, and switching to HTML5 by default. If everything goes according to plan, Adobe Flash will be virtually dead by October 2017. Read More or Java applications10 Core Java Concepts You Should Learn When Getting Started10 Core Java Concepts You Should Learn When Getting Started Whether you are writing a GUI, developing server-side software, or a mobile application using Android, learning Java will serve you well. Here are some core Java concepts to help you get started. Read More that let you actually play music based on the lesson at hand?

Using these criteria, I was able to isolate five very useful and high-quality piano lesson websites that anyone could use to teach themselves how to play the piano.

Zebra Keys

Zebra Keys is probably one of the best sites for piano lessons. Each of the lessons are professionally written and cleanly laid out so that they’re very easy to follow. Best of all, an interactive piano keyboard is built right into the lesson articles so that you can practice what you’re learning directly on the lesson page.

Each key is clearly laid out, and the letter of each note shows up just underneath the key – making it much easier to learn which note goes with each piano key. Once you’ve progressed through a few lessons and you want to try your hand at playing a song – Zebra Keys offers Z-Board V1.0, a virtual keyboard with all notes and chords displayed on it.

This makes it far easier to play music at the beginning because you aren’t struggling so hard to remember where the correct notes are. While this feature is definitely fun to use, probably the most useful and effective resource at the Zebra Keys website are the list of “trainer” tools that can help piano students with certain aspects of understanding music.

The example above is the interactive “note trainer,” but other web applications available include the keyboard trainer, interval ear trainer, scale ear trainer, and a chord ear trainer.


One of the best sites for learning piano online is PianoNanny. This is one of those rare sites that offers the most detailed, expert piano lessons for absolutely free. Just reading through the lessons, you get the sense that you’re sitting beside an actual piano teacher who really knows their stuff. Each session includes text, keyboard images to help you visualize what the teacher is talking about, and even mini-apps like a “student notepad” to take notes.

Another cool mini-app that you’ll find in the middle of some of these lessons is a “12 note companion” where you can try the lesson that you just learned.

As you press each piano key, the note is automatically displayed. This approach forces you to try to remember where each note is, which of course encourages better memorization and faster learning than the approach ZebraKeys uses. Featuring 13 starter, 11 intermediate, and 10 advanced lessons, PianoNanny is the most thorough of all the piano lesson websites listed in this article.

Plern Online Piano Teacher and Composer

The Plern Piano is easily one of the most addictive and, believe it or not, fun online tools that you can use to learn how to play the piano. The Plern Piano tool has dual uses; music composers 7 Sheet Music Maker Apps for Writing Music Anywhere 7 Sheet Music Maker Apps for Writing Music Anywhere Are you the next Mozart? Do you want to pen the next global hit for your band? If so, you need some tools to write sheet music. Read More can create a song from scratch, or piano students can import music from a MIDI file to learn how to play a song. Plern Piano plays through the song and as it scrolls across the music sheet, it provides you with a graphical representation of which key you need to press as well as the duration of the note. Think Tetris in musical form.

You do need to sign up to load the public songs, but signing up is free and you don’t have to provide an email address or personal info.

BerkleeShares – Free Piano Lessons

Starting in 2003, the Berklee College of Music started offering free music lessons online. The lessons include guitar, brass, bass and even DJ & turntable training. When you click on the “keyboards” section, you’ll find a list of 13 lessons in either YouTube video format or as a PDF document. The videos are about one to two minutes, and the PDF documents are an average of about 2 pages with embedded music clips.

For the most part, these lessons are very short and feature a lot of promotion for the pa > Learn Music Theory for Free with 7 Fantastic Online Courses Learn Music Theory for Free with 7 Fantastic Online Courses It’s amazing how much more interesting music becomes once you learn the underlying theory behind the music. Take these simple and free online courses to better appreciate the music you hear. Read More , Berklee isn’t a bad option.

Ricci Adams’ MusicTheory

MusicTheory is another very useful (and free) website that can teach you to play the piano. This website has dozens of lessons, “trainer” applications and music utilities. The trainer applications on this website are a lot like those available at the Zebra Keys website but there are many more of them offered here. Best of all, the lessons are very thorough and offer a small keyboard pop-up piano and other musical tools so that you can test some of the techniques you learn in each lesson.

The lessons are reminiscent of a Powerpoint presentation and you step through them in much the same way – by clicking an arrow on the screen. The lessons are clearly written by an expert and after going through these piano lessons you’re sure to advance in your piano playing with a very thorough awareness of music theory.

Learn How to Play the Piano!

If you’ve ever dreamed of learning to play the piano but don’t have the resources to pay for lessons, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t start training yourself today using these free piano lessons online. The Internet offers an impressive collection of free online learning resources these days.

And since learning never stops, check out how you can learn a new language with Rosetta Stone or look at these apps that make learning history exciting. You might also want to bookmark these top how-to websites The 12 Best How-To Sites That Everyone Should Bookmark The 12 Best How-To Sites That Everyone Should Bookmark Need some help with life’s chores and tasks? Here are some of the best how-to sites that everyone needs to bookmark today. Read More for picking up all kinds of skills.

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