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Play The Piano By Ear – Learn By Doing Master Course

1. 1.1 Introduction

2. 1.2 Keys & Chords

3. 1.3 Accompaniment (Left Hand)

4. 1.4 Melody (Right Hand)

5. 1.5 Choosing a Song and Listening to It

6. 2.1 Verse Chorus Bridge Pattern

7. 2.2 Figuring Out the Key/Chords of a Song

8. 2.3 Figuring Out The Melody of a Song (Updated)

9. 2.4 Relisten to the Song After Completing Above Lessons

10. 3.1 Accompaniment Exercises (Left Hand)

11. 3.2 Melody Exercises (Right Hand)

12. 3.3 Joining the Hands Part 1

13. 3.4 Joining the Hands Part 2 (Timing)

14. 4.1 Left Hand Pattern: Arpeggios

15. 4.2 Notes Which Always Sound Good

16. 4.3 Filler Chords (X over Y Chords)

17. 4.4 Left Hand Example Patterns

18. 5.1 Advanced Accompaniment (Right Hand)

19. 5.2 7th Chords

20. 6.1 Varying Loudness

21. 6.2 Varying Speed

22. 6.3 Adding Little Flourishes

23. 6.4 Key Stroke & Sustain Pedal

24. 6.5 Changing Things & Final Tips

25. 7.1 NEW! Quick Recap

26. 7.2 NEW! In Depth Look at RIght Hand Accompaniment

27. 8.1 NEW! Quick Song Tutorial (Yue Ding by Guang Liang)

About This >

Hi there! This course is designed to teach anyone how to play the piano by ear as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The lessons are there to guide you through discovering the simplicity and the recurring patterns of songs, and learning to replicate and adjust them to according to your preference.

Based on the “learn by doing” concept, I will use an example song for you to start out with. After finishing the song, you will be good to go on your own!

After some practise you should be able to play any song stuck in your head almost immediately without thinking about it.

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