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Affordable jazz piano lessons central london/ classical piano lessons in central london. i’m a westminster based piano teacher of both jazz piano and classical piano. studio contains top grand piano.

Piano lessons in wimbledon for children and adults at teacher’s house or pupil’s home

Berklee college of music alumni from japan offering piano, voice and songwriting lessons in london!

Classical concert pianist & teacher offering piano, music theory & composition lessons in glasgow

Chi yuen (mmus, lrsm) is a pianist, composer, and teacher, offering quality piano tuition for all ages and levels.

Piano level 1-8 and music theory level 1-5 in west london. tutor with music college diploma from russia.

Piano and singing teacher in south london for beginners of all ages

Daniel – balham – piano

Experienced music tutor offers piano lessons with a focus on wellbeing in london.

Experienced piano/violin/theory teacher in charlton se7. all levels from beginners to advanced

Singing lessons with a certified professor from the high school of music of geneva

Give you and your child a gift of playing the piano – piano teacher in sw3

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Masarra has endless time for whoever she takes under her wing. She is not looking at the clock but focusing on her student with utter devotion and commitment. She will always listen and do her utmost to make the time you spend together as relevant.

Karen , 2 months ago

Bethan must have been born to be an academic (she knows so much) but she has a kindness and compassion in her well beyond her years. She is very balanced in her approach to teaching and encouraging.

Karen , 2 months ago

Kim is a confident teacher with a calm approach, she also pushes me to believe in myself and I feel in reliable hands. Kim is punctual and kind yet balances that with discipline and a professional work ethic. i feel as though I can always be.

Karen , 2 months ago

Good tutor, gave material to work with away from lessons and also good method of teaching the basic concepts to a beginner

Rahid , 2 months ago

Alice was an amazing teacher. She engaged with children really well. She was patient, kind and gave the children the right comments to improve. Soon after she started teaching one of my daughters, they successfully passed their grade 1 exam.

Unurchimeg , 2 months ago

Joanna is a really great tutor. She has been teaching my 6year old for nearly two months now, and he ‘s made very noticeable progress since starting his piano lessons with Joanna, and has taken interest in the subject. It is a pleasure to hear.

Meriem , 2 months ago

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There are those accomplished musicians who set their sights on the first-class music schools, careers in compositions or admittance to national conservatoires. Then there are beginners who want purely to take private piano lessons or start a piano course to progress at their own pace. The brilliant thing about music is that everyone plays how they want to.

You probably already know that the piano is a keyboard instrument, presenting challenges that you may not encounter on single-line instruments. If the music it produces is some of the most beautiful, its beauty is reflected by its complexity as learning the piano can be very challenging, because on a piano’s 88 keys you can produce countless harmonies and chords, using both hands simultaneously across a range of keys… Due to its complexity, one of the best ways to discover the piano is to learn and play with an experienced private piano teacher.

A piano teacher for learning piano and music theory

Is music your constant companion? On public transport, at work, at home every evening when you want to unwind, at the weekend to give you energy… In fact there are few moments that can’t be improved by a bit of harmony and melody. But unfortunately having an expansive knowledge of music does not necessarily mean you know how to make music, nor how to play a musical instrument!

Whereas your singing voice is somewhat dependent on your natural ability – with the support of singing lessons of course – playing a musical instrument is very different (not only for the piano) as you must learn to operate the instrument too! First and foremost, it’s essential to find a good piano teacher, and why not one who is happy to come to you and teach you piano in your own home? Once that bit’s over, the challenge begins (namely, learning to read music and playing entire pieces!).

Within 2 – 3 years, most diligent students will be able to learn to play jazz or classical piano hands together and maybe even audition for a music course at university, join an orchestra and perform, or try their hand at keyboard, grand piano or harpsichord.

All in all, this means that they will have a sound understanding of music theory, be competent in piano chords, be able to read a music score in no matter what key, play the synth (piano keyboard), have a good sense of rhythm, self-accompany by singing when playing modern music. They may have progressed a little in improvisation, and should be able to find each key instinctively – without looking at their hands…

All these possibilities are enough to whet your appetite, of course, but also demand diligence and regular practice, preferably under the instruction of a piano teacher.

Discover the solution: learn piano at home in private piano lessons.

Attending piano lessons in a school of music can a be very stimulating way to learn. You’re surrounded by like-minded musicians of all persuasions, playing at the same level as you. However, although stimulating, this is not necessarily the most efficient way of learning music.

The most effective way to learn piano is thought to be through private piano lessons, and the benefits are plentiful. Firstly, rather than having a nervous breakdown every time you see another beginner pick up a technique quicker than you, you’ll learn at your own pace. You’ll also have the freedom to discover the history of music under the guidance of your teacher, rather than adhering to a rigidly structured music course. Discover musicians at your will: Chopin, Beethoven, Bach (Prélude), :iszt, Schubert, Alfred Cortot, Schumann, such and such concerto by Mozart (Turkish March maybe?), or a sonata by Debussy (Clair de Lune of course), Fur Elise, a work by Pleyel, or by this or that musical group, or Haydn…. Piano pieces so numerous, and a novice pianist such as yourself must experience these rites of passage at their own pace to develop as a musician.

Piano lessons: the diversity of the instrument

The piano is said to have been invented in the 18 th century. In close to 300 years it has seen numerous evolutions and even more virtuosos and musical geniuses, but also multiple musical styles. In the beginning of your piano training, you’ll experience multiple phases of learning and discover through these styles.

Whatever the musical background of your professor, he or she should teach you a number of different musical styles during your private music lessons. This will not only improve your personal cultural awareness and knowledge, but will also help you to expand your interests too. We recommend trying the following styles and piano types: classical piano, wider classical music, chamber music, electric piano, grand piano, keyboard, upright piano, jazz piano, improvisation, modern music, pop rock, rock, funk, acoustic piano, popular music, blues, rhythm and blues, gypsy jazz…

By exposing you to a range of styles, a good music teacher will not only maintain your interest learning and perfecting piano pieces once you have learned to read music, but will help you to find pieces and styles that really appeal to you.

Play the piano and much much more

You’ll get to know that learning piano and music theory is no mean feat. Mastering such an instrument as the piano means understanding centuries of musical history, performing canonised pieces them yourself, and understanding everything from flats and sharps through to crotchets, quavers, semi-quavers, minims…

You can of course learn all this through free piano lessons online, you’ll even find free sheet music on the internet. But honestly, the best and quickest progress in your learning will come through piano lessons with a private piano tutor.

Know, nevertheless, that in hiring a well-rounded music teacher – one who has trained in a conservatoire, for example – you can benefit from an introduction to music that goes way beyond the piano. With such a teacher, you can also discover other instruments through other lessons: guitar (classical, electric, rock, folk), dance, flute, recorder, violin, cello, viola, singing (for singing along with your instrument), percussion, drums, saxophone, clarinet, and even a music therapy, musicology or musical qualifications and training that allows you to give music lessons yourself.

Find a piano teacher in your area

To learn to play the piano correctly you must talk to established and experienced music teachers. We recommend avoiding those who can only teach you the theory and those who can only play piano by ear – without reading musical notes.

We’d also advise that you explore the piano teachers who you can find on Superprof. Through our site you can find the teacher who is closest to you, or search throughout the UK and beyond amongst the vast collection of pianists who make up our personal orchestra! With piano lessons at £25 per hour on average.

Try to avoid online piano lessons on the sites that advertise a free training with messages in cap lock and bold print that read ‘free piano’, ‘piano for beginners’, ‘children’s piano at all ages’, ‘start leaning piano online’, ‘begin piano lessons online’, ‘music lessons online’, ‘theory lessons online’, ‘introduction to piano in just a few days’, etc. – especially in the long term. The piano is a discipline that requires conscientious and gradual progress and this is best achieved in the company of a good piano teacher.

Take it a step further

Whether you want to start learning the piano for the first time, or you’ve already got a few years of practice behind you and you want to progress even faster; whether classical, jazz or modern; on Superprof you have at your disposal a selection of piano teachers for private lessons tailored to your learning style and speed.

Each piano teacher is passionate about the instrument themselves. If you dream of one day becoming a great pianist, your piano teacher will know the best way to help you achieve this dream.

This piano teacher will be at your service and will guide you through any difficulty that you encounter when interpreting a piece of music, whether you find yourself inspired by Bach, Chopin or Beethoven. Every one of our piano teachers is highly competent, patient and experienced in instructing, they can adapt to any level of student – whether beginner, intermediate or experienced; adult or child.

If you wish to add another string to your bow, or other pieces to your repertoire, you can even try out synthesiser or harpsichord lessons.

Certain piano teachers possess the skills to also teach you music theory – including how to read music. Let yourself be tempted by our private piano tutors and liberate the Rachmaninov inside you!

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