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Piano Hack | How To Learn Piano In 20 Days

Warning. After reading this article [2min read] you will know how to learn something that 90% of grown-ups wish to death they would be able to do.

No, I don’t mean to play boring classical stuff by sheet music. I mean this cool ability to sit down at any piano and invent tunes on the hook.

Yes, this magic thing.

This “oh he is so musical thing!” — right.

Don’t practice

It sounds maybe a bit funny, but the most important thing in learning piano is to “ actually do it”! So don’t start with practicing, but with laying the foundation: the routine.

Now — most people quit, because they don’t have a routine. So get one.

No . — not the 30min per day. Forget about it. 30min per day sounds great on a motivational seminar, but at home it feels like half-a-day.

30min is too much. Remember, all you need is continuity. It does not matter, how long this is. So let’s start with 5 min.

5min everyday, around the same time.

Don’t play correctly

Maybe I was not clear enough, but our real and only enemy in learning piano is: loosing motivation!

So don’t start with technique. It is good for Russian teachers, but not for you and me. I was writing songs before I even learned how to play correctly and so will you.

Don’t play notes

Maybe you might be saying in your head: How counter-intuitive will this get? Is the guy crazy? …maybe yes. But what is equally crazy is the number of kids trying the piano for 2 years and then stopping and after a while starting guitar. And you know what the argument is:

Guitar is easier.

Now way. Learning the Guitar is way more difficult than learning piano.

  1. It is less obvious to find the notes on a guitar
  2. It is more difficult to play a chord ( remember those barrés …arggh)
  3. And it even hurts in the first 3 months

…and yet everybody thinks: Guitar is easier.

No, it’s not. But the way we got accustomed to teach it, is way easier:

Guitar schools do not start with notes (Melody), but chords (Harmony).

This is the secret: Start with chords. Forget about Notes.

Don’t Get A Teacher

What? No, I mean don’t get a local teacher for your first 1,2 months.

Remember when you had to go to the piano >Go to youtube and enjoy.

Find the right teacher

Finally a paragraph that does not start with “Don’t” 🙂 So go to youtube and find a teacher that is great at teaching. Don’t care if she/he is not the best in playing, but see if he can motivate you and explain things in an easy way. More still, look if she/he teaches chords first. If not, run for your life. It’s a waste of time.

Stick to one key

Key…key…what is a key? A key is basically whether you use the black notes on the piano or not. Yes, piano police stone me for explaining it this way…who cares. For the beginning, we will just stick with the white notes. Actually for quite a while. Because ones you have mastered to play only the white notes, you will be able to play whatever you want. Basically it’s like changing from wind surfing to kite-surfing. Not totally the same, but if you are a pro in one, it will take probably only a day or so to get hold of the other.

Learn how to build a major and minor chord

There are basically two chords in music. A minor chord which sounds a bit “sad” and a major chord, which sounds “happy”. If I would play them on the piano, you would immediately say: “Yea I know this”.

Boom. Learn them and you have all you need to play chords.

Learn the 1-4-5-6 Chord Progression

Chord Progressfasdfjlsag….what? Don’t worry. Just copy-paste it into youtube. “1–4–5–6 chord progression” It’s basically the 4 chords that 95% of guitar players, who say “I can play the guitar”, manage to play. And they go very far with it. Play it during your 5 minutes every day for 20 days.

If you want the ultimate experience and still play a melody, learn the “Pentatonic Scale in C-Major” and “Get a backing in C-Major”

So try all this for FREE on youtube and you will be amazed what you learn in 20 days. After this, pay for your lessons and get a teacher, online or offline — you will love it.

Playing the piano is the best medicine, the best way to connect with others and the best way to tell your story.

And please send me your first album with signature 🙂

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