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Piano DVD Courses And Lessons

There is no substitute for hands on instruction for learning to play the piano. However, for many different reasons, this is not always a practical option for anyone.

Learning from books provides a very limited way of experiencing the material. Piano DVD lessons are the next best option to an actual instructor.

In addition to the information you could read from a book, you can hear and see what the DVD instructor is doing. This provides a level clarification on how to perform certain techniques that cannot often be learned from reading a lesson book.

Recommended Piano Course #1

Learn and Master Piano DVD is probably the most comprehensive system of piano DVD lessons currently available. This system provides 14 DVDs, 5 CDs and a workbook.

Learn and Master Piano instructs you on everything from basic technique to more specialized piano styles. The number of lessons in this system amount to approximately two years of instruction.

The lessons are conveniently organized and labeled, so you are not going to have a problem finding your place. The only real negative is the cost, which is higher than most DVD lessons out there. However, it does cost less than the equivalent number of DVD lessons needed to cover the same range of material, so it is simply a large upfront cost, but a lower cost over the long run.

Recommended Piano DVD Program #2

Piano System provides a slightly different approach to the Learn and Master Piano system. Piano System is a DVD course intended for beginners that comes on three DVDs. It does not teach the same degree of technical abilities or have the same level of in depth lessons as Learn and Master Piano.

Instead, Piano System Review focuses on teaching the student to learn to play songs by ear. It provides a much faster way for beginners to start learning to play their favorite songs. You are not going to develop the same breadth of skill, but the faster learning pace might appeal more to more hobbyist players.

Recommended Homestudy Course #3

Rocket Piano provides a much more entry level piano DVD lessons than the Learn and Master Piano and Piano System Review systems.

This DVD is better for someone unsure about whether they want to play piano because of the much lower cost.

It is the best option on the low end of the price scale. The overall system is primarily taught through a lesson book. The DVD supplements the book by providing video of various exercises. It is a simple system, but it is effective.

Are Home Based Lessons the Way to Go?

Piano DVD lessons provide a way to learn piano on a more interactive level than books. They do not provide the same level of interactivity as an instructor, but they are far less expensive and, in many situations, more convenient.

The DVD lessons work better for hobbyist piano players that have no real interest in pursuing a professional career as a musician. It is possible to self-teach yourself to that level with these types of lessons, but it requires a lot of dedication to overcome the lack of technique evaluation that an actual instructor could provide.

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