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Online piano lessons that really work

flowkey teaches you to play piano with easy to follow step-by-step lessons that fit your level and track your progress

  • Play your favourite songs from day one
  • Learn notes, chords, accompaniment & more – faster than ever
  • Practice more effectively thanks to instant feedback
  • Works with your real piano or keyboard
  • Great for beginners and returners

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Welcome to a new era of online piano lessons

Teaching yourself how to play the piano used to be boring and super hard. You would need to muddle through lengthy online video lessons, trying to pause and rewind to be able to follow along. Learning with books and sheet music was even harder, requiring months of practice before you could play even the most basic songs.

Thanks to recent advancements in audio and video technology, these times are over. flowkey provides you with piano lessons online that can check if you play along correctly. This way you’ll learn to play your favourite songs faster than ever. From reading music to mastering chords and playing all the great hits – flowkey will help you become the pianist you always wanted to be in no time.

Discover our piano lesson content

Below you can find all available piano lessons online. To start with a free piano lesson simply click the orange signup button. The signup only takes one minute and is completely free – no credit card required.

1. Lesson section: Introduction to the Piano

This section consists of ten online piano lessons for newcomers that will take you from zero to playing great hits with both hands. Along the way you will learn how to play with the proper technique, how to read music and how to practice most effectively.

These lessons don‘t require any prior knowledge and are perfect for adults who have never played piano before. They are also great for returners who want to refresh their knowledge after a long pause. To get started you will need a real piano or midi keyboard.

10 Piano Lessons for beginners

  • 1. First steps
  • 2. Easy Songs for the right hand
  • 3. Playing with the left hand
  • 4. Intro to reading sheet music
  • 5. Playing with both hands
  • 6. The C major chord
  • 7. Three more popular chords
  • 8. Intro to chord accompaniment
  • 9. Playing melodies of popular songs
  • 10. Special training: How to play faster

2. Lesson section: Chords and pop piano

Chords enable you to play virtually any song without having to read music. But how do you build chords and how do you use them to play songs? In this section your will find a total of nine online piano lessons that will teach you how to master the essential chords of popular music and create your own song accompaniments for various styles of music.

To get the most out of this online piano lessons section you will need some prior experience. Playing with both hands is required from the first lesson so if you do not feel ready for this, we recommend to start with the section “Introduction to the Piano” first. If your are an intermediate player or returner these lessons are perfect for you!

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