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intermediate piano pieces to learn

Intermediate piano pieces to learn

Classical Piano Course
Intermediate Learners

Let’s learn how to play the piano

20+ lessons included

5+ Hours of Video

Course overview

Classical piano course for intermediate pianists

This course aims to teach advanced musical knowledge and techniques through a variety of repertoire written by the great masters from the four major periods of Western Music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century.

In each lesson, you will learn about the composer, the style of the music from the period, general background information on the piece, and ways to approach learning the piece with helpful practice tips. By the end of this course, you will have a good amount of intermediate repertoire under your belt, with a breadth of musical and technical knowledge to help you learn other pieces.

What you’ll get

What is included in this course and what you will learn

Great Piano Music

Improve your playing by learning to play piano works by famous composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, and Chopin.

Quick Analysis

or each piece of music, a quick analysis on its structure, melody, harmony, rhythms, musical ideas, etc. So you know how to appreciate and practice it.

Explore Different Styles

Learn how to play piano musically by exploring music of different styles.

Support from Teachers

Not sure if you are doing it right? Reach out to our team of teachers through emails or chat bubble!

Sheet Music and Homework

Download the sheet music for all the exercises and piano works we cover in the lessons. Use homework assignments to review what you’ve learned.

HD Video Lessons

High quality video for every lesson so you can watch it any time you want, at the comfort of your home.

What we cover

Below are the breakdown of this course, module by module, with videom previews

Baroque Period

Lesson 1: Musette in D Major by J.S. Bach
Lesson 2: Menuet in A Minor by J.S. Bach
Lesson 3: Sonata in D Minor by D. by Scarlatti
Lesson 4: Entree in G Minor by G.F. Handel
Lesson 5: Sonata in A Minor, Op.1, No.3 by Baldassare Galupi

Classical Period

Lesson 1: Sonatina in F Major by L.V. Beethoven
Lesson 2: Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, No.1, First Movement by Muzio Clementi
Lesson 3: Minuet in F Major by W.A. Mozart
Lesson 4: Minuet in G Major by L.V. Beethoven
Lesson 5: Andante in C Major by Joseph Haydn

Romantic Period

Lesson 1: Witches’ Dance by Theodor Kullak
Lesson 2: Spinning Song by Albert Ellmenreich
Lesson 3: Ballade in C Minor by Friedrich Burgmuller
Lesson 4: Sicilian by Robert Schumann
Lesson 5: Minuet by Carl Reinecke

20th Century Composers

Lesson 1: Tiger and Penguins by Linda Niamath
Lesson 2: Russian Peasant Girl by Sergei Bortkiewicz
Lesson 3: Slovakian Boys’ Dance by Bela Bartok
Lesson 4: My Horse by Alexander Gretchaninoff
Lesson 5: Sonatina in A Minor by Dmitri Kabalevsky

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