Online blues piano lessons – learn blues and boogie woogie piano

learn blues piano

Learn Piano Blues

Online blues piano lessons

Learn blues and boogie woogie the easy way with my online blues piano lessons.

Get my complete course of blues and boogie woogie piano lesson videos for one low cost fee of £14.99 for 6 full months’ access (or pay monthly at £5.99/month), with a 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee. Start playing like your idols today!

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“I just want to congratulate you on your excellent ‘Learn Blues’ course. It’s absolutely superb! Your course is tremendous value and the way you present the material is so easy to follow. I’d strongly recommend that anyone wanting to learn blues piano to subscribe to your course, you’re way ahead of all the other online piano blues teachers.” ‘Dr Chris’ Steele, MBE – resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning show.

Have you ever wanted to play like Jerry Lee Lewis or Little Richard?

Simple, step-by-step, bite-sized video lessons so you make real progress, starting today!

Modular format

Learn left hands, right hands, licks and bridges – then put them together yourself!

Learn popular songs

Wow your friends and family with classic blues, including Whole Lotta Shakin and What’d I Say!

Progress at your own speed

The step by step course walks you through the lessons, with the ability to skip at any stage.

Sheet music included

For those who like music in front of them, 20+ lessons have printable sheet music in PDF format.

Stuck or confused?

I’ve been teaching for over 25 years – contact me and I’ll do my best to help!.

You CAN do this!

I’ve been teaching people of all ages and abilities to play the blues for more than 25 years, and with my course, I know you can do it too! When learning anything new, it’s important that you follow a step by step guide. This video course provides just that, and starts right at the very beginning teaching you how to play a left hand, as well as amazing right hand licks; giving you the foundation that’s required to play amazing blues and boogie woogie.

I’ve helped thousands of people to learn blues piano – let me help you!

I am really enjoying the course, like you after years of classical study. I particularly enjoyed the “Freestyle Blues” which you added recently. Mark F.

I’m loving your course. I’ve progressed so much thanks to you. Dan D.

I have always liked to have piano lessons. I’m complete beginners. I have been able to follow so far and I am very happy with what I can do now. Adalicia, Limoges

I bought the course for my 14 year old daughter who used to be interested in learning the piano. She passed her grade 2 but got bored. She absolutely loves it – thank you, you have really inspired her. Mrs E. Williams, St Austell

My son bought the course for me as I did my classical grades years ago and have been plateauing for the last few years. It has been so refreshing to get back into playing the piano and learning a completely different style from what I am used to. David, Loughborough

Learning the piano has always been on my bucket list – I’m quite music mad – and this course has given me a painless way of achieving one of my dreams. I hope you release more courses and take this further as I can’t get enough of your videos! JJ, Bradenton

I had a desire to learn to play the piano but didn’t even know if it was possible anymore due to my age. I am so pleased with the course and I am now playing the piano with both hands. My family is blown away with what I have been able to learn at my age and in such a short time! Keith, Dudley

Hello there Martin, I bought the course as I was looking to start lessons after a few months of messing around on my keyboard! I could play a few chords but couldn’t read music so I thought it would be perfect for me. It’s been spot on, I feel like I have made great progress. Thanks for checking in. Conor, Waterford

I always wanted to play the piano but I have autism so I didn’t know if this would stop me. I love 50s music and my favorite is jerry lee lewis. I always wanted to play boogie woogie and now I can. I am really happy with the course and am working very hard on the final videos. Jack, Cork

I am so enjoying your course! Thank you so much for putting such a user-friendly and enjoyable class together! I really appreciate that you offer it at such a low price. I always wanted to learn the boogie woogie and the blues, but I never thought I had the time or money to do so. Your course makes it possible! Thanks so much! Mrs. Margaretten

Hey, thank you very much to be in touch, yes, I absolutely loved doing the course. I still have some video piano lessons to do but it is fun it’s always I wanted to learn! I’m a very big fan of all of this. Thanks. Georgia, Melbourne

I wasn’t sure if this would work for me as I can read music to some extent and work in theatre where we create musicals but would it come naturally? I love the format of the course and am working through the lessons slowly. It is just amazing how quickly you can play something that people are impressed by. Kayleigh, Paisley

Your blues piano teacher: Martin Carline

I have been playing the piano for over 25 years, and specialise in blues and improvisation.

I teach many different styles of music, from classical, to blues and boogie woogie, ballads, movie theme songs, Coldplay, Adele, and much more. Now, with my Learn Blues course, you can benefit from my lessons wherever you are in the world. My lessons have been designed for beginners so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a piano before – or if you gave up when you were a child. Whatever your age or ability, you’ll find it easy to follow my simple, modular lessons which gradually build your skills – from a basic left hand right through to an advanced lick. If you’ve always dreamed of playing boogie woogie piano like Jerry Lee, Jools or Fats, now is your chance – you CAN do this!

See how it works:

In this snippet from one of my tutorials, I’m explaining one way you can play the left hand in the classic Fats Domino song, Blueberry Hill:

Start learning today!

Not only will you learn how to play that difficult left hand boogie woogie that you’ve always wanted to play, you will also learn how to start and end a song – allowing you to become the complete blues player!

Learn how to improvise

This course will also teach you to improvise and play without music. Again, no matter how difficult this may seem, by following this video course you will soon realise how easy it is.

Learning to improvise in the past has been extremely difficult. Why? Because it’s hard to find anyone that will teach it, and there just aren’t enough books out there that will show you.

You may also think that improvisation can’t be taught, and it’s just something that you can either do, or you can’t. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Learning to improvise is a lot easier than you may think, and this video course will not only show you how, but will also give you the tools you need to continue improvising for the rest of your life. Once you can improvise, it’s like riding a bike – you won’t ever forget!

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