Learn to Play Piano Lesson 1: How to Read Music

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Learn to Play Piano Lesson 1: How to Read Music

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Learn how to read music in this first lesson in the learn to play piano course. This lesson for beginners covers how to read sheet music notes and find them on the piano. This is an easy and free piano lessons series on YouTube that I started to help the world learn piano. If you don’t have any experience learning piano, this lesson is a great starting place to start.

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Entire Learn to Play Piano Series

How to Play Piano With Both Hands

This tutorial will teach you the basics when it comes to reading sheet music and is especially useful if you are trying to learn how to play the piano.

0:14 Learn how to Play Piano Series – Piano Lessons for Beginners 1 Introduction
0:41 Music Staff – Lines and Spaces Introduction
1:22 The Treble Clef – Played with the right hand
1:46 The Bass Clef – Played with the left hand
1:54 Reading Notes on the Staff – Lines and Spaces of the Treble Clef
3:27 Reading Notes on the Staff – Lines and Spaces of the Bass Clef
4:40 The Music Alphabet
5:52 Conclusion – First lesson wrap up. Reading notes on the piano for both the treble clef and the bass clef.

Learn piano with these easy to understand series of lessons that are designed to be a beginner’s guide. This specific lesson centers on reading notes, which will enable you to learn sheet music. Many people shy away from learning to read music but it is the best in my opinion to learn it right away. Remember that the treble clef notes are played high up on the piano and that the bass clef notes are played down low. Make sure to check out piano lessons 2, 3, and 4 to continue learning how to read music and play piano. You can expect the next few lessons to be for beginners and will keep things nice and easy. Two things to remember for the next lesson is the music alphabet which starts at A, ends at G and then repeats, and the lines and spaces for both the treble clef and bass clef. The next lesson in the learn how to play the piano series for beginners centers on practicing reading the notes we learned in this lesson. Learning how to play the piano can take some patience, but with some persistence I know you can do it!

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