Learn How to Play Piano

too old to learn piano

Too old to learn piano

Great website! I love music.

Thanks! The designer is a real pro!

For my birthday I bought a piano and I am on lesson 10! Thank you for these! They are fun and easy to follow! I played tuba through high school and I have a better understanding of how scales work from a few lessons on the piano than 6 years playing brass, I look forward to going through more!

Absolutely thrilled to see the website wasn’t scrapped or forgotten about. It was down for the past 3 or 4 days for me, so you can imagine my surprise to see it not only back up and running but looking phenomenal in the process. Still have another 15-20 or so videos of Music Theory to get through, so I’d better be off. Take care, Andrew!

thank you very much Furmanczyk! i’m from Brazil, i got a piano about 2 years ago and i didn’t know how to play it. today i remembered about the poor piano and found your website! now i know the basic but it’s already good to me. thankssss, you’re a great teacher

Amazing work and I am so greatful for your generous instruction! I also sport the trinity knot from time to time.
Thank you!

I am beginning to learn thanks to you. I love your method. You make it fun and cover everything well

I have tried several other youtube videos, but they take off to fast or are not as learner friendly. Your great:)

love your videos they are a real help cheers (from England)

Thank you so much for creating these online courses.

Hey Andrew, great job! Thanks for being so hardworking and taking so much time to do this. As a suggestion though, it might be a good idea to list the lessons with descriptions like you did on the old version of your website so that people can remember which ones they have watched 🙂 Thanks again, I really appreciate all your hard work.

I have learned a lot from you bro. Thanks a lot. Umer from Pakistan. 🙂

Great! I was always eager to learn to play the piano and now, at the age of 70, I finally made it a reality. Thanks, Mr. Furmanczyk!

I’m so glad this website exists and to Andrew thank you so much for your time and giving. Without this I probably would not have had the opportunity to learn and being able to means so much to me. Music is a passion of mine and to be able to finally learn and express myself is absolutely amazing so thank you again! P.s. the website looks awesome!

I am so glad that I found your piano lesson videos. They help so much. I am watching the both series “Learn How To Play Piano” and “Learn Free Music Theory” now every day. I use them as my routine lessons and practice with my keyboard. Your lessons are free but they are very good quality. I never have chance to study music or piano in my life. And you make everything is so easy to understand and I am having fun. I appreciate your work, I enjoy your personality and I thank you for all what you have done. Please keep doing what you are doing. You are such an inspiration and this life becomes so lovely because of people like you. May God bless you and your loved ones.

PS: If you need a volunteer for something that I am able to, please email me at macarong35[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Thanks a lot for the free lessons. Quite helpful.

Andrew you’re amazing!
i owe you my musical knowledge, which keep growing, thanks to you!
i thank you from the bottom of my heart for awesome lessons series you’ve been uploaded.
you’re a good person that want to help others, well, you definitely helped me!
you’re really funny by the way, hehe always making me laugh =)
Thanks again, my good friend and mentor. Capri says:

Andrew – THANK YOU for all you have put into these lessons for the benefit of anyone interested in learning how to play piano! I REALLY appreciate your time, effort, personality, and your teaching style. I appreciate the way you explain the concepts and the vocabulary. When you have no music education behind you, the terminology that is probably quite “elementary” to others, can be confusing to someone not versed in music… beyond singing along with the radio. Your lighthearted approach in explaining such in simple terms makes it so I can take notes readily, learn in small steps, and feel confident (for the first time EVER) that I understand and can apply my thoughts and fingers to playing. In simple terms…I am a pianist! Wow. Never thought that term would apply to me…. although it has always been something I’ve wished for! I am a teacher, and I really appreciate your teaching style. Thank You!!

thx alot my teacher

Andrew…just found your you tube lessons. Excellent. I am 67 and played guitar 50 years ago and quit. You have made it exciting to start music again. Would be nice to have a list of the lessons even though I am just starting at the beginning. Thank you for your efforts. John

This is such a great site! I’ve wanted to learn piano forever and this is the easiest way to learn because I can just pull up the next lesson whenever I have time!

Hi, I’m so passionate about learning to play piano. I’m 42 and never learned to play before. Do you think I can have a chance to successfully learn to play.

I’m 39 and starting out. I figure unless you plan on being dead in the next couple of years you’ll probably be able to given a certain amount of dedication.

i love this, thanks Andrew its really clear it up for me…from begginer to mid lvl and im happy ^_^

Thank you very much !

I am 45 years old and have always wanted to learn piano.

The music that comes out of a well-played piece of music can do wonders for the soul.

I have a piano at work. I found your first lesson on YouTube, watched it, and played. Poorly, but I PLAYED! I got “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, and I got it right. But more importantly I learned how many notes are present, how to locate them, finger position, finger pressure, and successful C scale completion.

I am jumping for joy inside and am so excited.

Tomorrow I will try lesson 2.

Then I will keep on every day that I am near a piano.

THANK YOU for making these training videos and posting them for free. I am a single dad with a special-needs child, so money is always tight. I cannot afford lessons.

Sean Foley
Fort Worth, Texas

I’m having trouble getting to next lesson. I can only find 3, where is #4 and the other lessons? thank you for the free lessons!

Andrew! Quick Question :)! What type of piano do you use mostly? I notice you use a Grand piano but curious to which one and why did you chose to pick that certain piano :3!?

Hey Andrew, I’m wanting to start leaning piano and I was really excited when I found this page. I can’t wait to start leaning from you and your Channel. I’m interested in getting the Roland RD-800, but after seeing some of Rolands Synths I was curious to know what the difference is between a Stage Piano (Keyboard) and a Synthesizer. Please help me get set up.

Hi Andrew I need help with playing real music can you help

I love you man even though I am a guy lol Jks your videos finally helped me do what I always wanted so thank you and god bless you

Andrew, many thanks for all your lessons on youtube and here. They have really motivated me, who could not find time to visit a teacher in person, after all work and family commitments. While I have played the guitar at an amateur level, I have been thinking since a really long time to start on the piano and hence bought a Casio CTK 3200. I am just so enthusiastic right now that I have been practicing like twice a day since like 10 days. Hope I don’t overdo it though and work more on accuracy as you say… My best wishes to you for doing such a wonderful job and opening up the world of music to so many…I have questions on the technique for some scales, but will keep it for later..

Hi Andrew, could you please help me on one problem I am facing ? In playing any scale one goes like – Do Re Mi Fa Si La Ti Do. To train my fingers better, one exercise I used to do on the guitar is play Do Mi, Re Fa, Mi Si and so on…Question is how should fingers be used on the piano in case 1. its only the white keys being there in the scale and 2. if both white and black keys are involved…
Hope I was able to put my question clearly. Thanks.
Btw, is this covered in any lesson? I have only gone up to 25 so far…of the playlist of 40 videos (I can see another one with 42 also, if this is there somewhere, could you pls point to it, that would do as well)
In fact, going a little wide on this, there could be more such exercises to ‘free up’ the fingers a bit, do you suggest any?

Right hand–1,2,3,1,2,3,4,5-finger numbering
left hand–5,4,3,2,1,3,2,1

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