How to Teach Yourself the Piano

learn piano by yourself

How to Teach Yourself the Piano

Helpful Tips

вњ¦ The first step towards teaching yourself the piano is to get hold of one. As a beginner you may purchase one that is second-hand and ensure that it is well-tuned. If you have a piano that has been around the house, again, have it professionally tuned before you begin playing it.

вњ¦В Learning to play piano music will be made much simpler if you have had training to play some kind of musical instrument beforehand. This way you will be able to read and learn the piano chords easily.В

вњ¦В Online, you will also be able to find a chart that will help you identify the significance of the keys, the chords of the piano and the various piano notes for songs. The natural notes of the piano are C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C.

вњ¦ One of the best way to learn the piano is to purchase a software that teaches you this skill and is very easy to understand. Some of these software are available with video instructions that makes the entire learning process easier.

вњ¦В Choose a particular song or type of music you would like to begin playing on the piano. Remember to pick some easy piano songs rather than a difficult one as it may demotivate you from learning to play the piano. Start practicing this piece of music on the piano until you master it.

вњ¦В Once you have mastered simpler tunes, it’s time to take on newer challenges and start trying out slightly more difficult tunes on the piano. In the entire process, remember to work on your hand movements, their speed, flow, and your overall concentration.

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