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How To Learn Jazz Piano Ron Drotos/ Online Jazz Piano Teacher

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Hi! I’m Ron Drotos and I’ve created How To Learn Jazz Piano to help you become a fluent, confident jazz pianist. The key is to learn jazz in the same way we typically learn language. In these podcasts you’ll learn how to learn jazz piano in a way that will keep you inspired and motivated for years to come! Learn more at

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Customer Reviews

I don’t even play piano and I loved this. I play jazz guitar and was looking for a podcast on how to learn jazz. This fit the bill perfectly and I just adapted it to my instrument. There’s a ton of content out there on learning jazz (I should know–I’ve read/watched/listened to a lot of it), but this was exactly what I was looking for. It shows you how to learn, how to practice, how to focus your attention. These are things I’ve thought about on my own, so it was awesome to hear someone else say it in a slightly different way. The comparison to learning/playing sports is useful. I only wish there were more episodes.

Thanks Ron, very inspiring as always ❤️

Fun and Friendly

Ron makes it “not so intimidating” to begin to learn to play jazz piano. His step by step instruction is easy to understand.
Well worth the time spent listening to all the episodes!

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