Fisher-Price Laugh – Learn Baby Grand Piano Reviews

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano Reviews

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Great for toddlers!

While we have other musical toys for more of the baby age, we decided to purchase the Baby Grand Piano after my two children started fighting over the first one! This is great for the toddler in your family. It offers more keys for them to hit and allows them to sit up and play as well. The flip book is nice too because they can change the music.

my baby loves this piano! I got it as a gift, she is now 6 months but started playing with it when she was 3 months old. she loves the colorful lights on the keys. I love it because it has 3 different settings with i believe 4 options. one setting she can learn to count! you turn the page and she can learn the colors, you turn again and she can learn ” ro re me fa so” when you change that setting she can play on her own, and another setting plays, twinkle little star, turn the page, itsy bitsy spider, turn again and another song! I LOVE IT Somarluv

great little music table

our two year old son received the fisher-price laugh and learn baby grand piano as a birthday present. it was very easy to put together and is very sturdy and robust (it has been upside down several times already). the toy has many different functions. we love that not only does it play music but also helps with counting and colours. our son loves this and likes to pretend he is playing music and singing into the microphone. our four year old also enjoys playing with this especially since he can actually sing along with the well-know songs that the piano plays. we will hopefully be able to reuse this toy for our new baby too.

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Fun and Functional!

Our kid got this for her 1st birthday as a present. The quality quality and the games are remarkable. This is one toy any child should have for them to enjoy and be more exposed to music and sound. When it comes to toys like this, look around to find good deals. She has been playing with this for more than 2 years now and still loving it. The stand are very sturdy that it can take the babies weight without waddling. We love fisher-price toys and games and they surely think of the usefulness and durability with their toys. The colors are neutral. The battery last long with this toy too. This is one piano that can be pass on to new babies in the family. Enjoy!

One of the best toys we ever bought!

We bought this piano when my oldest daughter was about nine months old. She had baby toys, but she was getting tot the point where she could do more than just chew on toys. She loved the piano instantly, and so did we! I love that there is a full scale on the keyboard, so you can actually play many fill songs (some toy pianos only have a few keys). I also love all the different settings . each setting has different features when you press all the buttons, so we were constantly discovering new things this piano could do. It shows kids about tempo and volume and notes. We also loved that it taught not just music, but numbers and colors. What’s better, my daughter is now 5 and she STILL plays on the piano. She now reads the music on the pages of the book and plays the songs, and has practiced enough that she can play full songs on her own! I think this is one of the only toys we own that has lasted us this long, and that still gets constant use in our house.

Music is Fun!

My 1 year old daughter received this toy from you grandparents and loves it. We had to travel quite a ways after she opened it and we left the legs off for the trip home. She was happy to have such a fun toy to play with in the car. Now that we have it set up at home she goes back to it time after time during the day. The sound quality is very good. Plus she can work on her ABC’s. Another fun feature is the top of the piano has many fun activities.

Your little Mozart will love this

My little girl is a musician at heart she adores music, likes to dance and loves this piano! And I love that it’s not that loud, when you adjust the volume.I am a number one fan of educational toys and this one does everything but the alphabet while incorporting her favorite pasttime!

Sweet toy with lots to do.

My toddler plays with this toy daily. With different levels of interaction it always seems like something new. We’ve had it for several months and it’s never gotten old. The music is not annoying as with some toys, and the sound effects are complimentary.

Keeps my 18-month-old engaged for longer than any other toy!

This toy was a gift that I had seen but not really considered for my son. As soon as he saw it, however, it became his favorite toy. The lights are attractive, and the music is simple and engaging. On the “music” setting, the piano starts to play a nursery rhyme as soon as the baby presses a key – but it stops a few notes in unless the baby continues to play. My son figured this out easily, and stands beside the piano so he can dance to the music but still be close enough to press the keys to keep it going. There are a myriad of effects for kids to explore – one toddler-hand-friendly switch changes the octave of the song being sung from high to low, even in mid-song. Another lever produces a drum riff or orchestral snippet depending on the toy’s mode. I was astounded at how much fun he had with this toy, and at how long it has remained a favorite of his. Highly, highly recommended.

Perfect for our budding Mozart!

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Piano is wonderful! It was given to us as a hand-me-down when my daughter was only six months old. Even at such a young age, she loved it! She would happily sit, pounding her hands on the keys. Now, at nearly a year, it’s still a hit! When I pull it out, she’ll try every button, flip the pages of the “song book” on her own, experimenting with the different songs it plays, she sings along, dances, bobs her head. It’s the one toy I can pull out and know it will entertain her for at least an hour. I also enjoy sitting with her, changing the modes from music to education to free play. I’m hoping, as she gets older, the educational aspect of it will be something that helps her. It has the option for learning numbers, colors or notes on the musical scale. Right now these don’t mean much to my daughter, but it is fun for me to watch her try to match the colors (she loves to match things!). There is only one very minor issue I have with this toy. Being the nature of the toy, it is somewhat bulky and, thus, difficult to store. Thus, if you don’t have much extra space, it might not be something you would want sitting in the middle of the floor all the time. Overall, I would most definitely reccommend this as a very entertaining toy for any toddler.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano

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