Complete Piano Theory Course – Chords, Intervals, Scales – More!

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Complete Piano Theory Course – Chords, Intervals, Scales & More!

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60 Days FREE Piano Course: Improve Your Piano Skills:

Complete Piano Theory Course! In this video I want to show you so many important things about playing the piano. You see, music theory, and piano theory especially is super important when playing the piano. Yes, it can be a little boring, if you just learn the piano techniques, however once you apply those piano skills to your playing, you will notice an immediate increase in understanding your piano, also, being able to play more advanced piano pieces. This video have gotten close to 1 million views, and countless thumbs ups, I’m sure you will love it as well!

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About PGN Piano:
PGN Piano is THE Place To Learn How To Play The Piano! It offers you online piano lessons, wherever you are, whenever you want! With piano lessons added each week, you’ll never get bored, having to play the same type of songs over and over again, you can simply pick the songs you like and start to learn to play piano right away! On the YouTube Channel you’ll find lessons suited for everybody! There’s piano lessons for beginners, and though there are no specific piano lessons for kids, they can still use the lessons to learn how to play their favorite songs, like for instance this lesson!

You shouldn’t consider the lessons to be piano for dummies, instead think of them as a way Don’t Leave Me Alone to teach yourself piano. This is the main reason Back To You I started PGN Piano. I found myself in a place where I wanted to learn piano online, and I simply couldn’t find any good lessons for specific songs. After learning some songs myself, I decided it was Back To You to spread my knowledge, and gave it a go. My first piano lesson ever has now reached nearly 1.000.000 views, and is still being watched many times each day.

I hope you’ll enjoy my free piano lessons, and if you do make sure to subscribe to the channel, so you receive an update in your feed whenever a new lesson is released! Furthermore, you can visit: to see a full list of all lessons currently online, and leave requests for new lessons to come!

Keep Playing!
Mark – PGN Piano

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