5 Easy Steps to Learn Piano – Matt McCoy (No reading music)

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5 Easy Steps to Learn Piano – Matt McCoy (No reading music)

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Full Piano Tutorial DVD Now available: http://www.acousticselection.com/shop.
Here are 5 easy steps you can do to learn the piano instantly! (No reading music!)

1.) Learn the Notes (This can be found on many sites online if you don’t know them)
2.) Learn the Chords (again, many sites have the major and minor chords)
3.) Play the chords with your right hand
4.) Play the bass notes (which is just the chord note 1 octave apart) with your left hand
5.) Combine the Right and Left Hand. (chord the right hand, bass note the left hand)

God bless! Learn music in 2012! You’ll be glad you did.

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